Adventurous tourism in Canada

Canada is the second-largest nation in the world, covering nearly 10 million square kilometres. It is surrounded by three oceans and covers six time zones. The land is a vast, wild, rough and unspoiled-the paradise of an adventure traveller. From the snowy peaks of the rocky mountains to the thousands of freshwater lakes and flowing rivers to a virtually unbroken belt of forest extending from coast to coast, there’s so much to see and do that you can set off on year-round adventure trips in Canada.


Scoot over, California and Australia because this is Canada’s newest and best surfing destination in town! We realize that this may sound like surfing in Canada, but Tofino in British Columbia is a picturesque surfing destination and it doesn’t get any better than this, truly! Water temperature is at 10 ° C perennially on the cooler side, but with a decent wetsuit, it shouldn’t be too hard to manage! The waters are perfect for both beginners and professionals but head into the waters during winter for those searching for stronger currents! For all the rainforests, biking and hot springs, Tofino is not your regular beach destination. If you want the best of Canada’s scenery combined with surfing, make your way to Tofino and make your adventure vacation in Canada an even better one!


It’s not possible to hear about the ski resorts and not hear about Whistler! This is one of the world’s largest, safest and most admired ski resorts. The best thing about Whistler is that it embraces people who are surfers and snowboarders from all skill levels. Nevertheless, if you feel that these things are just not your cup of tea, you can try ziplining up a point! You’ll scream at the top of your lungs as you drive through snow-capped trees, and well, getting close to the views of the mountains is as beautiful as Canada gets!

3.Trans Canada Trail:

You’d need at least a few years to walk the entire Trans Canada Trail that’s well on its way to being the longest recreational trail in the world. Beginning at the most easterly point in North America, the completed length is around 21,500 km, half as long as the world is round.  If you walk about 30 km a day at a reasonable pace it will take almost exactly two years to complete. If you’re in a rush, use this multi-use route to catch a bike or horse.

4.Island Life:

A haven for whale watchers, Vancouver Island is a two-hour ferry ride across the Strait of Georgia from the west coast town of Vancouver. A six-day Introducing the Best of the West Tour is a good-value way to see the highlights of the island, from Nanaimo’s booming port-front town and Tofino’s surfing town to historic Victoria. There’ll also be time to go biking, kayaking or exploring local bars.

5.Canadian Mountain Holidays:

Canadian Mountain Holidays CMH specializes in heli-skiing and heli-hiking and has a tradition of guiding travellers across the mountains of western Canada since the 1950s. CMH provides a range of packages including for family getaways and girlfriends. At one of CMH’s 12, the home base for all the heli-ski adventures.